Church Safety Ministry

               Protect Your Congregation

We live in a dangerous world these days!  108 people were killed in a church in 2017!  The safety and security of your church and your congregation are at risk. Planning to prevent a crisis is essential. Training to deal with a crisis is critical.


Our Church Safety Ministry webinars, podcasts and resource center will teach those in your church with a “Servant’s Heart” and your “Sheep Dogs” how to develop, implement and execute a security plan tailored to your church, irrespective of its size.


Having worked in the field of crisis communications, prevention, and management for 45-years, I believe in and practice the philosophy of “praying for the best while preparing for the worse.”


Every church needs a plan of action; those that have one will survive and recover; those that don’t suffer severe and often irreparable consequences in the court of public opinion and the court of law.


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Working with the Media

During a Crisis

When a crisis occurs the media will converge! You should choose at least two church spokespeople and do it NOW! We will train your spokespeople and show them how to develop a relationship with the media in advance of having to work with them.  

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