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All of us, and I do mean ALL of us to have our unique personality, communications, and management styles. Each one of us finds a way to integrate our “style” into the “culture” we happen to be working within at any given time, some "styles" are better at integrating than others. 


There are four basic styles with thousands of combinations; however, those four styles are Drivers, Analyticals, Amiables, and Expressives.


Each of us has a primary, or preferred style and each of us has a secondary and even a third backup style.


Here is the list of styles that you self-identified with earlier in our work. If you have not kept this on your desk and in front of you at all times NOW is the time to print this off and keep it at hand as you work through your day.


Download The Conway-Heaton Chart of Styles by clicking HERE.

Your challenges come from understanding how to use this information to your advantage in seeking ways to co-operate and eventually collaborate to build your Model of Excellence Team.


When you “on-board” new employees, everyone needs to help the employee understand the importance of working with the team to achieve the organizational goals. I am sharing information that will help you learn more.


This information also needs to be downloaded and printed for your ready reference.


Understanding ... Drivers, Analyticals, Amiables, Expressives -Complete Chart of all Four Styles

01 An Introduction to Five Dysfunctions

of a Team 

02 Getting yourself organized

06 The "Secret" to Becoming a Model of Excellence Team

07 Understanding the Driver Management Style

03 The Importance of Feeling Safe

04 Leading by Example to Build Trust

05 Seven Step Process - Expectations