"Not in my backyard!" 


Your fence line neighbors don't know or trust you.

Rumors begin to circulate.

They have concerns, opinions, ideas, and questions.

Hide your head in the sand; you end up with NIMBY.

Decide, announce, defend, and you get sued.

Worse, you get skewered in the press.

None of this has to happen!


We help people with different opinions talk with each other to develop respectful working relationships.

We help you build trust and engage in open, transparent communications with your neighbors.

We show you how to explain technical issues in the language they understand, you build credibility.

When you are open and transparent, you build working relationships.

Reaching collaborative, informed consent is possible and it is your behaviors that determine the outcome.

You can prevent NIMBY! Stay out of the court of law, win in the court of public opinion.

Our clients can attest to this.  Call 270.619.3803 or email us now.

We will help you determine if the process can work for you.

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