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Strategic Planning - Issues Forecasting and Management


L. Darryl ARMSTRONG and Associates can help you discover simmering, latent and emerging issues. He uses a unique issues management forecasting matrix ®. When issues are thoughtfully and adequately managed, they are effectively handled with the mass and social media, your employees, management and shareholders, neighbors, public, and media. We can help you develop a crisis and emergency operations management plan that will ensure your organization's continued viability and function even in times of extreme situations. We conduct vulnerability, risk, and threat assessments, including evaluating and developing resolution strategies for key stakeholder concerns, whether real or perceived, before any project implementation. We conduct informal fact-finding interviews with key community leaders to identify issues and community values that are important to your project's success. We facilitate communication, dialogue, interaction among your team and various business units, and diverse community stakeholders, always intending to discover what must be done to move you forward and prevent and or even resolve issues and problems before they develop. We help you enhance your organization's credibility by using focus groups and advisory groups to provide decision-makers with a way to interact with their constituents and promote mutual education and communication.

We develop and coordinate conflict prevention and resolution strategies and tactics between our clients and the public or private sector representatives in situations where opposing viewpoints are addressed — including political forums, school board meetings, union meetings, and unique interest group interactions. And, yes, we can be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you wish.


Crisis and Emergency Planning and Management


COLLABORATING - We can help you strategically discover simmering, latent and emerging issues that, if properly managed, can be effectively handled and business recovery aftermath greatly improved. We can help you develop a crisis and issues management plan that will ensure your organization's continued viability and operation even in times of extreme crises.  During an emergency, we can provide you counsel and assistance in mainstream and social media tactics: Facebook and Twitter posts, using YouTube videos effectively, and development as needed of news releases, media holding statements, and fact sheets. We provide practical yet thoughtful and accurate assistance during those times when you need it most. To prepare you, we tailor specific table-top exercises and conduct them to test your capabilities.


Strategic Communications and Project Planning


INNOVATING - To be successful, organizations must have a workable and an agreed-to plan of action that achieves front-end "buy-in" from all that must implement it.  We work with you and your team to develop a customized strategic planning session.  Our approaches to helping you define your problems include issue discovery, ranking and prioritizing issues, alternatives and solutions; problem-solving techniques and strategies; and generating ideas and dialogue. We will assist you in planning your session, facilitate it for you, and then provide you a written report and a plan of action that you and your team have created and that you already have "buy-in" for since you were an integral part of the process.

Environmental Remediation Communications and Public Engagement

INVOLVING  - When you interact with the public, we can help you plan for the best possible engagement. We offer a complete suite of professional environmental remediation communications services, including proactive and reactive planning with you and your staffs; development of community relations strategies, tactical plans, and activities; stakeholder and media analysis; public meeting arrangements, facilitation, and meeting documentation; fact sheet and public meeting document research and development; media and spokesperson training; presentation development and presenter training; communications awareness training; development of surveys and conducting of focus groups.


Meeting Facilitation and Project Management

FACILITATING - Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong is a highly trained and skilled facilitator who is uniquely qualified in his ability and expertise to work in challenging situations that require thorough preparation, creativity, quick tactical assessment, and the ability to deal with conflict. He will help ensure that your meetings flow more easily.  His facilitation techniques keep groups on task and on time. He has facilitated discussions within focus groups, small private groups, business retreats, and large often-contentious public forums. Some meetings, by their nature, have a higher level of potential for conflict. Therefore, he works with you to clarify your meeting's goals and develop the strategies and tactics to achieve those goals. He will evaluate those strategies and tactics as the session progresses and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that your goals are met. He is skilled in consensus building, conflict prevention, and resolution, and mediation. When necessary, he can coach and prepare meeting participants to communicate effectively and efficiently by offering suggestions about interacting together, improving communication skills, and preventing and managing conflict. Dr. Armstrong "dry-runs" sessions with his clients before using them in public forums and these sessions prepare his clients for the most challenging circumstances.

Event Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

ENGAGING - Kay Armstrong's experience designing and producing major events for our clients range from all-hands meetings and management councils to environmental fairs and national Space Day programs. Using expertise built over the past 16-years, she works with our clients to carefully articulate the goals they want to accomplish. She then makes specific recommendations on achieving the task set to a time-line and a budget. Her work with M-4 Environmental and Lockheed Martin has resulted in national attention and awards. For the past several years, she served as the national Space Day project contract manager for the Lockheed Martin Corporation. These days, she is a special education and environmental communications and community relations outreach contractor to Lockheed Martin's Environmental, Safety, and Health corporate group. In this role, she has produced several very successful educational events in Tallevast, Fla. For more than a decade, she has created a major Space Day educational outreach event in Riverside, Ca. Working with our clients, she capably lays out the production design, handles the logistics, and stays within budget. Her resources allow her to gather national sources and work closely with local volunteers to deliver exceptional programs. Designing and creating a path forward to ensure you succeed at your project begins with understanding how to strategically plan your project to get the behavioral response you want from your audience.  You must take it one step at a time. Our years of experience have shown us that clients want proven practical strategies and tactics and a common-sense approach to solving their problems. 

Emergency Operations - Security Analysis Planning

PREVENTING - "Plan for the worst and pray for the best." It's our philosophy.  And it has served us well. We use this same approach when working with our clients. We don't panic. We have performed with some of the nation's largest businesses: the Tennessee Valley Authority, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, the Department of Energy, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Dr. Armstrong has managed emergencies and crises that few managers have to deal with in their entire careers. We understand and can translate highly complex language into understandable laymen's English or explain an issue in a sound bite what would take many people several minutes. We can help you forecast and prepare you for most crises and issues you will face on your project or in your business. We know what you will face with the mass and social media onslaught and the public demands, and we can help you prepare for the worst-case scenarios and prevent panic. 

Dr. Armstrong has been trained in crisis and emergency operations planning and management by the Institute of Crisis Management, the Department of Energy, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Senior Executive Service, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. He builds on his 47-years of experience to help you learn from his successes and his mistakes.

Presentations - Webinars - Aggression Management Training


PRESENTATIONS - WEBINARS - TRAINING - We are all aware of the significant tragedies at universities and in our cities during the past few years, bombings, shootings, riots, and the instances of law enforcement and security personnel having to deal with aggressive behaviors leading to undesirable and often tragic incidents. And there are equally numerous incidents of stakeholders getting aggressive in public meetings, assaults in the council chambers, and unprovoked public incidents. I have long believed -- and now feel comfortable asserting -- that we can identify and observe potential aggressors' behaviors such as the perpetrators of these acts. Further, when we have learned the proper observational and cognitive skills, we can intervene, reduce, minimize or even stop the aggression before it leads to actual conflict.  As a trained behavioral psychologist and communicator, I have long agonized over the dilemma we seemed to have about identifying aggressors and preventing conflict.

 Most of us are familiar with the "primal" aggressor – the "red-faced, mad, and angry person." However, the aggressors involved in each of the tragedies and many of the incidents mentioned above and the infamous 9-11 World Trade Center terrorist attackers were calm, relaxed, and collected --- they were "cognitive aggressors." Though they are more challenging to identify, observation and training on identifying cognitive aggressors are critical to our safety.  Many colleges and universities, and even some corporations have assembled behavioral intervention teams. These teams require training to understand these two types of aggressors and the skills used to de-escalate situations. The same can be said for law enforcement, security personnel, meeting facilitators, human resource officers, hospital and EMT personnel, and other professionals who have to deal with the public daily.  The Aggression Management Workshop is for security, law enforcement, public school, university, college counselors, management and human resource experts, psychologists, community and public relations experts, crisis and issues managers, and meeting facilitators.  There has never been a more critical time in our history to get such personnel trained in the arts of aggression management.

 Trained and certified by the Center for Aggression Management and author Dr. John Byrnes, I am pleased and honored to announce that we can now offer a complete suite of practical skills training in the arts of aggression management.


Our presentations can be:

  • A keynote address or a civic group presentation

  • An executive briefing for executive & managers

  • Or a tailored 4, 8, or 16-hour workshop

Each workshop focuses on helping you learn the necessary skills to prevent conflict by using proven aggression management skills. The development of these skills is an art, and the experiential and participatory exercises and enlivening discussion will help students learn this art.