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Behavioral Public Relations

Public Engagement Specialists and Facilitators of Collaborative Informed Consent (R)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed,

it's the only thing that ever has."  - Dr. Margaret Meade

  • Our vision is clear; we will be the "Source of Excellence" for teaching the Collaborative Informed Consent ® model of communication and engagement.​

  • Our mission is to teach people how to prevent, manage and resolve conflict within the context of the Collaborative Informed Consent ®  model of engagement.​

  • We value honesty, kindness, compassion, respect, collaboration, and acceptance of personal responsibility and working with organizations that understand and engage with a "Servant's Heart" approach to all that we undertake.

Darryl and Kay Armstrong are facilitators and teachers of the Collaborative Informed Consent ®  communications model of public engagement. We help you develop working, sustainable stakeholder relationships to complete your project.

Since our founding in 1994, we've guided countless clients using our model, which has been developed over the past 50 years. You can count on us to give you the best counsel to keep you winning in the court of public opinion and staying out of the court of law while always seeking to build workable and sustainable relationships with your stakeholders.   Call us today at 270.619.3803 and we will discuss how we may be of assistance.

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