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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world; indeed,

it's the only thing that ever has."

Dr. Margaret Meade
Kay Armstrong, M.A.T.
Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong

The Facilitators

Welcome to our world of facilitation, conflict prevention, strategic planning, and public engagement. In this world, we help you define your problems, research the origins and issues, discuss and deliberate solutions, and develop actionable strategic and tactical plans to adapt, improvise, and overcome.
I'm Darryl Armstrong.
As a behavioral psychologist, communicator, and facilitator,  47-years ago, I began building a resilient conflict prevention, resolution, and public engagement model of communications we call Collaborative Informed Consent. ®
CIC is a uniquely constructed and refined model of communications and engagement, which incorporates the principles of 360-research, risk and crisis assessment,  stakeholder dialogue and engagement, message development, and the determination of appropriate message delivery.
When implemented appropriately, the process has kept our clients out of the "court of law" and helped them win in the "court of public opinion." The facilitated process helps our clients work collaboratively with their internal and external stakeholders to strategically and tactically plan their work and work their plan to meet clearly defined metrics. 
We have used this process at ARMSTRONG and Associates for the past 27-years as a way to help our clients develop practical and measurable plans, achieve success, and continually improve. Throughout the consultation, our clients are always assessing their risks, preparing for crises, and learning to communicate effectively with their community and work forces. be they employees or volunteers 
CIC engages stakeholders within and outside organizations to ensure input and feedback is heard and acted upon appropriately. And when the feedback is not practical or feasible, how through dialogue and discussion, "buy-in" is still achievable.
We have helped our clients culturally change their organizations, improve their performance, and meet and exceed their stakeholders' expectations.
My partner, Kay Armstrong, and I look forward to helping you as our client to achieve your strategically defined success.
-L. Darryl Armstrong Ph.D.

© 1994 L. Darryl Armstrong Ph.D.

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