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The Word is Out! Read Our Testimonials

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"Dr. Darryl Armstrong is unflappable and unforgettable. Dr. Armstrong is a person you hold great respect for because they give more than you ever expected. A professional who understands the importance of ethics, integrity, and service. A person who can help you see what was always there but helps you see it in a new light. When it comes to crisis and emergency planning, facilitating a difficult meeting or teaching practical diplomacy and conflict resolution skills --- Darryl Armstrong is the person I highly recommend."
- Jim Gossett, CEO Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative, IA

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"The strategic planning session conducted by Darryl Armstrong was right on target for our Community College and helped us identify our action plan. The manner of the day was relaxed but focused.  We have identified significant priorities and the facilitator for the day enabled that to happen; he encouraged people to speak freely and encouraged individuals to take opposing opinions to discuss them while bringing about consensus.  I highly recommend this consulting team to any organization; they promote a team and hands-on approach throughout the day.  With so much change swirling around community colleges, we need professionals to help us focus, and I could not think of a better group to help. I rate L. Darryl Armstrong and Associates at the top of my list."

 - Dr. Jim Kerley (Retired), President of Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL


"Every now and then you get to work with professionals who go beyond the expected and venture into the extraordinary. Professionals, who will provide you a sound plan of action and the skills necessary to help you succeed in your work. Darryl and Kay Armstrong are two such professionals. We have nothing but the highest regard for their work and their services. If they tell you they will do it, it gets done right the first time."
- Gail Rymer, former Director of Community Relations, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bethesda, MD

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“Day in and day out, government organizations deal with a variety of issues and a whole host of clients and customers with a wide variety of needs.  Be it public safety-related, the planning of new developments, concerns about water quality, or when my street will get cleared of snow. It’s important as service providers that we respond to our citizens with compassion, professionalism, and clear communication. Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong of ARMSTRONG and Associates has brought quality training and professional crisis planning to our organization. He helped us develop the tools to respond to the most minor or most critical situations appropriately, which takes into account the needs of our citizens and the focus of our organization.  He challenged us to examine not just what we say but how we say it. This approach has transformed the organization into a more caring entity both internally and externally.  A second and equally important benefit of partnering with ARMSTRONG and Associates is their consulting during crisis events in the realm of public perception and media relations.  They bring a plethora of experience to the table that provides to our organization an objective view and sterile advice undisturbed by local events that translates into clearer decision making and public statements originating from our organization.”
 - Mark Prosser, Retired Public Safety Director, Storm Lake, IA.

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