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Hillary Clinton Will Not be Defeated — That Way

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I know there are lots of you out there that love to bash Hillary and Bill Clinton. Some of you actually will believe that by dredging up all their sordid past history will some way defeat her in the Presidential election. However, I got news for you IT WON’T WORK!

Last year, I reluctantly agreed to advise a local mayoral candidate that had been advised by others to “run against” the building of a city funded and to be city run water park, which by the way was going to be built whether he wanted built or not.

(The park has been built and is being enjoyed. No, it is not making money and never will, however, I digress.)

By continually pushing against his opponent with the negative position on the water park and, unfortunately, coming across to the voters as an “aginer” he lost the election 2-1 to a decent fellow, who was not inspiring but who also wasn’t negative.

Now, I know that being against something, dredging up the dirt makes some of you feel good.

However, as conservatives, we are never going to win a campaign by using this tactic. We will not beat Hillary Clinton and the vast political machine she and Bill have established by going negative, we will only win elections against the Clintons, or anyone else even in our in local elections by presenting better ideas and solutions to problems, based on better values, that inspire and motivate our voters and that shows them a new vision of what can be.

Did we not learn anything from President Reagan?

Ronald Reagan offered an alternative future to 21% interest rates, gas lines, and a 444-day hostage crisis. President Reagan inspired us to see the “shining city on the hill” and for goodness sakes let’s not forget that we can return this great country to that vision — greatly scaled back government, lower taxes, and greater opportunity for everyone,

We can and we must offer a successful vision of a future to the voters in this election and we must inspire and excite them to follow us, or otherwise we are in for 8-years at least of a Clinton re-run.

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