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Table Top Exercises for Crisis Planning – Webinar – September 28

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Shots Fired On Campus – Buildings Locked Down Tornado destroys school Serial rapist stalking students on local campus Flu outbreak could potentially cancel classes indefinitely at local college, provost says

On September 28th from 2 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. (EDT), I will be hosting through my collaborator a new webinar on how to plan table-top exercises for crisis planning. This program although focused on campus crisis planning pertains to anyone who must develop their own table-top exercises.

As most of you know it is no longer a case of  if a campus crisis will occur, but rather when will it take place. Since no campus has a crystal ball to predict the future, administrators’ best mode of responding to a campus crisis is to practice and prepare.

Developing and executing table top exercises is no longer a luxury for organizations, rather it is an essential part of preparing  for campus crisis.

Whether you are writing and preparing, facilitating, participating, observing or critiquing table top exercises, this presentation will educate and informof some the essential best practices to employ.

When you understand the worst possible scenarios that could happen to your institution – and you have conducted table top exercises to be prepared for them – you will survive. Failure to understand and use table top facilitations on a regular basis puts your campus at a severe disadvantage.

In this presentation, we will cover:

  1. What is the value of doing table top (TT) exercises?

  2. Why should our institution use them?

  3. What topics are most commonly exercised?

  4. Why you need to think “out of the box”?

  5. How do you convince your administration and management of their value?

  6. The 10 ways you can ensure your success in facilitating TT exercises.

  7. How to evaluate your exercises and improve them?

  8. The value of using an independent observer to help you critique.

  9. What is a webinar?

WEBINARS are handled like a large interactive conference call, but in a more controlled, radio-program-like environment. Simply dial the 800-number* from your phone, copy/paste link* in your browser and follow along on your computer! Sit back, listen and watch the presentations and join the lively Q&A session. * The 800 number and link will all be provided via PDF after check out. Gather your staff around your conference table’s speakerphone and computer so that everyone can benefit from the advice and information shared.

Date/Time: Tuesday,  September 28, 2010  2:00pm ET Length: Approx. 90 minutes

  1. Pricing Info – $239 – Invite your entire staff for this one price!

 I hope you can join us.

Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong

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