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"The hard part is over right now," Bonds said.

The hard part is over … not yet Mr. Bonds not even close

So, Barry Bonds is now even with Hank Aaron in the number of career home runs – 755.

However, that is the only semblance he has to the great Hank Aaron. No, Barry the “hard part” hasn’t even begun.

The time has come for you to come clean with whether or not you have used enhancing drugs of any kind. More importantly, the time has come for you to rehabilitate your image and that my baseball “hero” will be the “hardest” thing you have ever done.

To compare your ability and your standing in baseball to “Hammerin’ Hank” is to lessen the importance and value of baseball as a tradition to this great country — that is until you clear your name and reputation of all the lingering questions about how you achieved this goal.

Until next time.

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