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VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital Gets Golden Eagle Award

Tybee Island, Ga. — There is probably nothing more traumatic for a pet owner than to be on vacation and have their beloved pet get sick. This vacation all three of our dogs have had to go to the vet. I am pleased to say we have been exceptionally satisfied with the services we have received from the doctors and technicians at the VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital, 1350 E. DeRenne Avenue in Savannah.

As many of you know our older dog Stimpy was diagnosed with a cancerous mass, our middle aged dog Little Bit and our youngster Max both have had to be treated for a bacterial infection and cough.

Kay advises me that the service, the kindness and the compassion shown by doctors Metts, Dulaney and Douglas exceeded all expectations. The day I went with her to pick up Stimpy I was equally impressed.

It takes special people and true lovers of animals to deliver this type of service.

When was the last time you went to a vet and they later called to check on your pets?

When was the last time you went to a vet and they gave you a comment card to feedback to them what they did well and what they could improve and really urged you to provide the feedback?

When was the last time you went to a vet and they took all the time you needed to console you, explain all your options, and show true compassion and concern?

Each of these actions truly demonstrate that the VCA of Greater Savannah Animal Hospital is focused on providing you and your beloved pet the best quality of service and care available.

We give these doctors, their technicians, and all their staff our highest praise and a “Golden Eagle Award” for their exemplary customer service!

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