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A “Driver” Asks – “What would a good career choice be?”

You are a driver. Your are task focused. You want to get the job done and done now. Drivers are not concerned about relationships as much as they want to get on task and stay on task. They want to get to the finish line so they can start another project. They are goal oriented and understand quickly the way the “think” they need to go to get there.

Drivers make good CEOs and senior managers in bottom-line thinking organizations. Don’t expect them to be warm and friendly it is not their nature. They have little time for chit-chat but will listen and react to suggestions.

Drivers are self-starters and can make good small business owners but not in a partnership. They focus on what needs to be done and can be very visual by nature. They want to know very specifically what the task is at hand and they then take charge and like to work independently but can become good coaches for sports teams.

To manage a driver you must “direct” them and recognize that they are authoritative and autocratic by nature. They want to be seen as productive. They value experience – never team them up with young and inexperienced managers they will have no patience for them. They will follow strong leadership and must have clearly defined and measurable goals.

Their focus is the outcome and they want and need authority to get the job done. They learn best by doing.

They will not make good social workers, counselors or teachers – they function well in structure such as the military, corporate senior management and bottom-line focused companies.  They don’t work very well in government because of the bureaucracy.

Female drivers don’t particularly get along well with other women because they don’t have time for gossip and chit-chat. Male drivers don’t care of they get along or not they simply want to get on with it.

Drivers are valuable assets to organizations they just need to be tempered now and then.

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