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Sometimes “IT” Happens!

Good people react, respond, adapt, and overcome when a tornado strikes, as it did in December 2021 in Kentucky. For that matter, good people do so for any such “IT HAPPENS.”

However, organizations and their management and employees can prepare for such events by carefully forecasting, planning, and practicing responses, processes, and procedures.

Such planning is known as emergency and crisis operations planning. Practicing is known as “table-top exercises.” All such efforts are under the Business Continuity planning umbrella.

The adage, “Plan for the worst, pray for the best,” always comes to mind.

Then there are those occasions when you have not planned; you react, adapt, and overcome. And we always do.

I believe that is the case because of the fabric and foundation of our neighbors and ourselves. We are innately good people with good intentions, spacious souls, and loving spirits. We serve others from our hearts.

When we take “these detours” in our lives, we must eventually “recenter,” as my friend, colleague, and client Taylor Hayes, President/CEO of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Chamber of Commerce, recently said.

When organizations do such “recentering,” the strategic plan built on a foundation of collaborative, informed consent serves as the compass to get everyone refocused and moving forward.

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