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Applying G-marketing – Binky’s Unique Gift Baskets

Inette Cayce took notes, asked questions and participated in the G-marketing workshop I presented to the Hopkinsville Christian County Chamber of Commerce Minority Affairs Committee last May.I like it when a participant gets involved. I like it even more when they take what they learn and apply it.

A few days ago I received one of her first “unique gift baskets” and I was very impressed. She had loaded up the basket with vanilla flavored wafers, praline cocoa, stone wheat wafers, jelly beans, little thins, chocolate chip cookies, fancy nuts and much more.

One of the lessons she learned in the workshop: if you want to get attention to a new business send out a sample of  your product to those who might appreciate it and write about it or recommend your services. She did what she was taught and she did a good job.

I also appreciated her comment and thank you note – something else we had discussed in the class — always send a thank you note to keep your name in front of people when they have done something for you.

Ms Cayce said: Thank you very much for the Seven-Step One-Day G-Marketing Plan you presented in the workshop at the Chamber. The information was very useful and helped a lot toward the preparation of my business plan. All of the information given by you and all the presenters made starting a business less painful. Enclosed you will find a token of my appreciation.”

Thank you Ms. Cayce. You were a great student. With continued creativity, persistence and focus you will do just fine I am sure.

Binky’s Unique Gift Baskets (b.u.g.b.) is located at 222 South Woolridge Road in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. You can contact Ms. Cayce at 270.885.6015 or by Fax at 270.885.6027. E-mail her at

We recommend you consider using her service the next time you need a unique gift.

Until next time.

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