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Branding … can be enhanced by a song, the right lyrics, and a clever slogan…

 When Carole Bailey asks a favor, I simply can’t resist.

Carole is the widow of my friend and “brother” Doug Bailey and the sister of my dear friend Dr. Marilyn King. Marilyn and I go back to college days at Murray State University, however, I digress. Carole has a friend in Nashville that is a songwriter and that does jingles for companies all across the United States. So, when she started reading my business blog she immediately thought of me to suggest her friend to our clients.

So, I went to his web site and I am pleased at what I see and hear. 

Carole’s friend is Buzz Jackson and the company is Brand Identity Group (BIG) ( and they are not using the term “brand” lightly — they understand the concept of branding and you can see that quickly on their own web site, of course “branding” is a topic you frequently read about here on this blog.

We know that branding requires creativity, and if you decide to use music in your branding campaign you need original cutting-edge music. Combine the music with a well-written and clever slogan and your company, your product or your service can stand out from the noise and clutter of other competitors.

There is no lack of creativity at BIG. You will recognize the “Nashville” sound in many of the commercials they have done and they also understand that a web site is an excellent tool to get their messages out and brand their own business.

I suggest you visit the site and click on “Music Samples” on the left side and listen to more than a dozen examples of their commercials – my favorite – well, I would have to say ATLANTIC EYE LASER– Lasik Vision Correction.

By the way, Buzz’s partner, Greg Barnhill, wrote the new theme song for the Today Show and has written and recorded songs for many top recording artists.  

BIG is a service worth considering and if Carole Bailey says it’s so, it’s so.

Until next time.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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