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Building Ownership in Your Organizations

Seventeen years ago, I started my own business,  L. Darryl ARMSTRONG and Associates Behavioral Public Relations. I have not had a 40-hour workweek since! I manage, market, sell, build and do the janitorial jobs in this company. I could not be happier.

When we have employees as dedicated as we are as owners they are worth our weight in gold. They believe in our mission. They hold our same values. They are “owners” whether they have stock in the business or not.

Organizations that achieve lasting results are staffed with employees of this type. “Owners” see the bigger picture. They understand what their responsibilities are and how they must meet them.

Building such ownership is not easy but the rewards are often immense.

Recently, I was at a new hospital facility as a patient. The place was lovely. It was decorated to the “nines” and a large and expansive facility for the small community.

When I entered the hospital and signed in I was greeted with a smile, had a private space to fill out my forms and when I had questions about those forms they were answered promptly and politely. When it was time for me to go to my treatment, I was escorted by a friendly and engaging member of the hospital team.


To ensure I didn’t get lost – an easy thing to do in this facility. It also put my mind to ease and it developed rapport with me as a patient. This employee was an “owner” in this organization – maybe not literally by holding stock but figuratively by being engaged and showing individual accountability.

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