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Crisis Communications – Jim McCamey, 30-year veteran crisis and emergency management – N

Interview with Jim McCamy, a 30-year crisis, and emergency management professional provides you perspectives and insights from his experience and to update folks on what is going on in North Alabama. We have been fortunate to have built a successful consulting business in the past 25-years. The crisis communications and planning advice at this site may help you as a small business, or non-profit that is struggling to communicate with your employees and customers. If you find it helpful, please share it through your social media sites. Let’s all, “pay it forward.” http://www.ldarrylarmstrong.com – L. Darryl and Kay Armstrong #UnitedAmerica @DoctorDarryl #Crisiscommunications #Crisisleadership #Crisismanagement

#crisiscommunications #crisisleadership #UnitedAmerica #Crisismanagement

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