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Dealing with the “Amiables” in your life

Okay, so I readily admit it – I am an Driving-Amiable!  I want to get the job done while still maintaining good relationships with everyone but I will get you to the deadline on time and on budget, that is if you can be patient with me.

Amiables are supportive people and valuable to your team. They tend to sit back and watch and carefully observe behavior and listen to language. They want to understand the WHY of a task before proceeding. In fact, the first question often asked is WHY are we doing this?

Amiables are loyal team members, they enjoy relating to other people, they like to affiliate and are personable by nature. They often can be introverted yet know when to be extroverted – although it may take practice for them – they are usually pretty good at flipping the switch to be extroverted when needed.

The are democratic by nature, which makes them good facilitators for groups. They will want to hear from everyone and ensure that everyone has their say. they can be reserved and are hesitant to give until trust is established.

However, make a friend of an amiable, establish trust and they will be loyal to you forever.

Amiables can be submissive yet warm and they like to connect to people and don’t forget they want to know the purpose of what it is they are doing – the WHY – of a project. They perceive themselves as considerate, patient, sensitive and they are good bridge-builders yet those they partner with can often see them being too lenient and not results-oriented.

They maybe seen as being vague and just a pushover. However, it is the amiable who invariably moves the project forward when others are mired in the bovine placidity of the status quo and they will get it done with their team mates.

Their greatest fear is rejection!

Their tension triggers are confrontation and insensitivity and although they may seemingly give in for now – they will bring the team back to the project goals and will mend fences and bruised egos in the process.

Amiables are valuable to your team – have at least one on every team for success!

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