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Excellence or perfection?

It seems that we often confuse the term excellence with perfection says Quint Studer in his book Results That Last. I agree. They are not the same thing. Perfection is simply not possible in any organization or person. However, striving for excellence is an achievable goal.

In a culture of excellence, we will make mistakes and have failures because they are unavoidable. However, when we are working within a true culture of excellence we recognize that mistakes and failures will be examined and learned from, and hopefully this will keep us from making those same mistakes in the future.

Working within the concept of creating and striving for a culture of excellence means that we will use the mistakes to help us better understand what it takes to achieve a higher level of performance. Within a culture of excellence employees and leaders are given permission to take certain risks, to make mistakes without dire consequences, and to demonstrate competency about making changes, which will help move the entire organization toward an even better culture of excellence.

 Simply, a culture of excellence creates an atmosphere that is supportive because without it, change will be hard, there will be employee and management resistance and there will be a likelihood of failure.

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