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Get something back when you giveaway a “freebie”

So now you are a successful consultant!

As a professional in the field of consulting, you will be frequently asked to give your clients “little favors” and since you can rarely collect a fee for them, the best term we can use is that these are “freebies.”

These “freebies” can include everything from answering a quick question by telephone to sending them copies of articles and documents. The list can be quite endless.

 However, these free services can be turned into a profit center for you with the “one-minute commercial.”

Here’s the secret.

When asked for a “freebie” or a favor, quickly respond with one of these answers:

  1. “I will be glad to take care of that for you … if you will make a deal.”

  2. “I’ll help if you make an agreement with me.”

  3. “It’s free, no problem … but there is a catch.”

  4. “Sure, I can help … but you must make me a promise.”

So, what is the deal? What is the Catch? What is the promise?

Well, it’s simple really … They simply promise, agree or make a deal to call you first when they need the services you provide. Add some spice to your one-minute commercial by also getting them to promise or agree to recommend you to others or to provide you a testimonial (which you can offer to draft for them).

This one-minute commercial can be fun for you both, and is a powerful sales tool for your firm.

However, we recommend you use this technique only when you have done something for free or extra for a prospect or client.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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