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Help the Client See You as a Source of Value and Not a Threat

(My apologies to all – the post I sent out last night had some spelling errors that have now been corrected. This happens when I write it on the road and forget to spell check and reread it. Thanks to Susan Gaffney-Evans for pointing this out. D.) 

BNA — It’s sometimes hard to do yet I highly recommend you not accept a client who doesn’t value your services or with whom you have a personality conflict. Frankly, and I know this from experience, these clients will create more problems in the long run no matter how hard you try to be of service to them.

When working with the client’s staff, you will probably be perceived as a threat. You can reduce the degree of the threat feeling by ensuring that the client properly introduces you and explains your role. You can further reduce the threat by communicating the fact that you want to work with the staff to ease the tension and motivate them by showing how their role will benefit them as well as the company.

Your continued success will greatly depend on your ability to bury your own ego and let the key players in the client’s organization get recognition for your accomplishments. Those who are important for future business referrals will know that you are responsible for these achievements.

Don’t allow your relationship with a client to deteriorate into one which is adversarial. Your role is to serve the client first and only. Keep your lines of communication open and honest. If they do deteriorate, stop providing services until the communications are patched up.

Always be viewed by your clients as giving the most you can give. Always give them extra value – or what we call lagniappe. You will benefit by having others understand that you will always give more than is expected.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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