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I am really proud of the Ky Press Association and its leadership …

David Thompson at the Ky Press Association has just announced they now have an app – the cost $0.00 – want to know more?

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with the Ky Press Association on a strategic planning initiative.

We had worked with the Ky New Era for several years and KPA asked for our assistance. Anytime we engage a client in strategic planning I have my trepidations and concerns.

This uneasiness comes from the fact that we have a very engaging, collaborative and highly-intensive discovery and strategic planning process.

Our process requires front-end “therapy,” individual member and unanimous Board agreement to be actively engaged in each step to maximize the effort and it requires them to hear the good, the bad and the ugly that we find.

Then they must ensure us they didn’t just hear what we found but also are willing to work with us to correct the deficiencies, develop an agreed upon plan of action and then implement that plan while being held accountable to their membership and to themselves to excel at the implementation of their plan.

You can see where such an intensive and extensive process can be threatening and easily meet resistance at various steps. Many Boards and executives, we have found over the past 20-years simply “go-along” with such an effort with no real intention of doing much with the plan afterwards.

Not so for the Kentucky Press Association.

When David Thompson and his team and Board engaged with us we never expected them to have such great successes from their efforts.

Why did they have such success – they not only thought outside the box, they not only listened to the criticisms and suggestions of their members and the public, they not only engaged in alignment and brainstorming they also methodically set out to “brainstorm solutions”, then to  take action and to be held accountable for implementing the plan and continually revising it and updating it. That is quite the commitment!

The process re-energized the KPA staff and executives and their Board. Their latest app development demonstrates that once again planning your work, working your plan and engaging your team collaboratively to solve problems – not just pontificate and complain about them – can lead to great success.  This is where understanding the strategic planning process pays benefits for the long-term.

The KPA team and its Board has far exceeded what many clients can and will do with such a planning effort. They continue to break new ground, find new ways to solve problems and are not hesitant to travel different paths to get to their success.

Their latest achievement is an example of such a commitment to excel and be a model for their industry.

David Thompson at the Ky Press Association has just announced they now have an app – the cost $0.00 – want to know more?  Here goes from David at KPA:


We have our first KPA App, courtesy of New Media Director David Spencer. We had gotten proposals to spend $5000 to $8000 for a KPA App and David was able to design one that didn’t cost anything

It’s website-based but when you “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone, it looks, feels and acts like an App. David has a friend with an Android and had him test it. He says it functions the same as the one on the iPhone though it’s slightly cosmetically different.

Our first one is the Reporter’s Guide to Open Meetings and Open Records. That’s the long piece, folded up that we’ve done for reporters to keep in their billfolds. Now they will have it on their phone.

To put it on your iPhone:

a. go to in your iPhone’s browser

b. when that shows up, save it as “Add to Home Screen”

c. then check where your other apps are located and you should see KPA/FOI. That’s it!!

Be sure to share this with all your reporters so they have everything they need to know about Open Meetings and Open Records on their cell phone.


Feel free to email David Spencer at or call him at 800-264-5721.


Davis says, I sent an email to editors yesterday and also shared the app with my NAM colleagues around the state and U.S.

Some comments:

That is fantastic.  I’m going to copy you.     Thanks, David.

Laurie Hieb – Executive Director
Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association

Wow – that is plain awesome!!!!

Beth Grace – North Carolina Press Association

CONGRATULATIONS to KPA, David T and David Spencer and most importantly to all your Board members who are continuing to pursue your strategic plan to accomplish these “out-of-the-box” ideas to benefit the association and its membership!!!

Until next time …

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