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ICM Crisis News Annual Report Available

My colleague Larry Smith, President of the Institute of Crisis Management, has released his latest annual report on crisis news for the year ending 2007.

Not surprising the report notes the sub-prime debacle as one of the most far reaching crises of 2007. Overall business crises were down slightly in 2007, compared to 2005, yet still up considerably from the low crisis year of 2004.

ICM has been tracking 16 broad crises categories since 1990. These categories include catastrophes, environmental, class action lawsuits, consumerism actions, defects nd recalls, discrimination, executive dismissal, financial damage, hostile takeovers, labor disputes, mismanagement, sexual harassment, whistle blowers, white-collar crime, work place violence and casualty accidents.

You can read the report at

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

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