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PERSPECTIVES – Market to Every Member of a Decision-making Committee

Monday, June 25, 2007

When selling to committees, take time to talk to each individual involved in the decision making process. Listen to each person’s concerns. Presell each decision maker in terms of those concerns. When meeting the committee as a whole, demonstrate how you are providing adequate balance to ensure that each concern is met.

If a governing board is responsible for the decision, be sure to obtain an invitation to attend the board meeting in which your association or contract will be discussed. Prompt the staff member who handles the agenda items. Indicate to them frankly that the meeting is important to you and that you need to be present. The board would prefer to talk to you and you will have the opportunity to sell yourself. Don’t rely on someone else to communicate your important messages.

Semper Fi

Until next time.

L. Darryl Armstrong

Armstrong and Associates

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