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Providing service through a “How to” brochure

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ever wondered how you could keep your name in front of potential clients without seeming “pushy”?

Consider doing a “How To …” service brochure and make it available as a part of your service menu. Recently we completed a brochure entitled How to Select a Public Relations Firm.

The trifold brochure is printed in black and white on 70-lb crème paper and a 1000 cost us about $150. We have provided it to our investment advisor, who has accounts that we would like to access all across the country. He in turn will insert it into his monthly newsletter mailing with a letter of introduction.

The brochure walks a potential client through the steps necessary in choosing a public relations firm. Three panels are devoted to helping the client understand the process to go through in choosing a firm. The third panel has a short pitch about ARMSTRONG and Associates and lists the services we offer.

We also tell the reader that if they call our toll-free number and mention they heard about us through the brochure that their first telephone consultation is FREE!

The brochure is designed to be a self-mailer. We also have placed the brochure in Adobe PDF format and loaded it on our website as a FREE resource. We will offer it as a FREE service in our email trailer.

Consider how you can write such a brochure for your own professional services and then send it to all potential clients with a handwritten note – that says, “Thought you might find this helpful”.

You will be seen as an “info guru” and be legitimately perceived as providing a valuable service. You can see our new brochure at

Until next time.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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