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Robert Gibbs, The WH and NASA – Who is Telling the Truth?

Chilton, Wisc. — Words do matter. Once again we are seeing the consequences of not getting on and staying on message or trying to change the message in mid-stream. NASA’s Director says the, WH and specifically President Obama, charged him to develop better relations with the Muslim world. Robert Gibbs, the mouthpiece for the WH, says no he must have mis-spoke – this explanation after defending the remarks just last week. We always tell our clients – ensure you understand what your message is and stay on that message.

Frankly, I find it hard to believe that NASA’s Director Captain Charles Bolden did not understand his marching orders from the WH. Such explanations speak to the issues of crisis planning and management, media preparation and management styles – all of which deserve careful analysis during such times.

— Dr. Darryl

Read the latest explanation for yourself and decide:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden must have misspoken when he told Al Jazeera last month that one of his top priorities is to reach out to Muslim countries. Read more here –

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