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Social Media can be the “canary in the cage”

Social media can be the “canary in the cage”

Back home in Kentucky we have deep ground coal mines. In the early days of mining canaries went down with the miners as a form of early detection of methane gas – a killer of many a miner.

Today, we have even better “canaries in a cage” with social media, who often can help us detect trends, ferret out rumors and determining if indeed something is brewing that needs attention.

Before a crisis finally emerges, the social media especially Facebook and Twitter can often help crisis and emergency managers understand what is headed towards them. It simply requires monitoring these media on an on-going basis.

Jasmine Jaume in her Business2Community blog post says that as CM/EM folks we should be watching for:

“The most obvious method for determining possible crises is to monitor the volume of conversation about your brand online.

If a sudden peak occurs, or conversation appears to be increasing at an unusual rate – especially if it is of negative sentiment – take a look into what that conversation is about.

By looking into the conversation you will have a greater understanding of why volumes have increased and can then act on it appropriately before it escalates.”

You can learn more about social media and how it can and does impact your handling of crises and emergencies in a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 28 2-3:30 pm. Obtain additional information a this site:

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