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The Lost Art of Writing Thank You Notes

With all the Occupy this and that and all the hoopla around it reinforcing modern society’s drive to teach and seemingly even reward rude behavior, I would just remind my business colleagues and graduating students that the one thing that can and does set you apart is the old-fashioned handwritten “thank you” note.

Saying thank you for an interview, a job well done, or the opportunity to discuss the possibility of work through a handwritten missive is becoming a lost art. However, research and experience  shows that people remember you when you take the time to send them such a note of appreciation.

Oh yes, send them the “old-fashioned” way as well through the U.S. Postal service. In this age of tweets and Face Book and LinkedIn, such notes are “jewels” to be treasured and remembered.

Remembering to say “thank you” will help open doors for you that the best education and contacts can’t – who knows it might even get you a real job.

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