• L. Darryl Armstrong

What I learned from Sgt. Wally Bryan – Use of Voice

Most folks would never suspect the fellow explaining the habits of a raccoon to a bunch of 8-year olds was formerly a grizzled old Sgt. in the U.S. Army who served three tours in Vietnam.

With a broad smile surrounded by a greying beard and mustache, a handmade Bowie knife that hung from his waist to his knee, a Boonie hat that had seen decades of use, and a “chaw” in his jaw, Sgt. Bryan was a force among forces.

Sgt. Bryan retired from the military and became a contractor. During his “civilian” service, he shared several “rules of life.”

For example, he advised us “newbies” to ‘never raise our voices when we are angry … if you want people to listen to you when you are upset, use your eyes and a soft voice. Raise your voice only when giving a command.’

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