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Myre Understands How to G-Market His BBQ Sauce

Christopher Understands G-Marketing — Buzzy Fine Foods

Christopher T. Myre is a professional chef recently transplanted from San Diego, Ca. to Wilmington Island next door to Tybee Island, Ga. He has applied his culinary interest and expertise to a unique BBQ sauce called “Buzzy’s Fine Foods.”

Myre knows how to market using the time-tested tactics of g-marketing.

Recently as we visited at the Tybee Dog Park he told me of coming back from Northern Georgia and stopping for gas. Now picture this, here Myre sits with his van all decked out in newly-painted graphics promoting Buzzy’s Fine Foods and who pulls in next to him but a trailer carrying a smoker — in the shape of a — pig!

As I have always said, there are no coincidences.

And you bet Myre whipped out a bottle of his new BBQ sauce, gave it to the the fella and exemplified what guerrilla marketing is all about. Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you!

If you want to be a good guerrilla marketer follow your gut, take advantage of every opportunity that is presented, and always have your product close at hand. I m pretty sure Myre will get some business from this encounter of the most pleasant kind.

In fact we are taking some of Myre’s sauce home with us to Newsom’s Country Store. If you want to try his new product contact him at and read more g-marketing ideas at our website listed below.

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