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A crisis underway … a “false flag” or a real incident?

A crisis underway … a “false flag” or a real incident?

Thanks to 

Trish S. Burke, P. R. Director (502) 363-8506 office (502) 368-6524 x257 (Communications Center) (502) 332-2244 digital pager

for returning my call and giving me some insight on the alleged incident with the deaf passenger at the Louisville, Ky airport.

All of her responses were anticipated and expected.

Since TSA is “investigating” themselves, we will wait to see what their “Investigation” determines – however, my advice for such a crisis stands – businesses have the responsibility to stand up and speak for themselves and do their own investigation on those issues which impact their brand.

At the very least, the Louisville Airport Authority Board and ExDir should clearly state right now without delay their concern about this situation and their intentions to be open and transparent about the outcomes of the TSA “investigation”.

They should make that statement to show their integrity and their concern about the damage such alleged incidents do to their brand. Airports can, just as they have in Florida, contract for private security, Louisville should proceed doing the analysis to determine that feasibility and report those findings promptly.

More important, if this is a “false flag” a “fabrication” that too should be revealed in a forthright and timely manner. Sadly, though this incident is just one of hundreds each year reported about TSA behavior – there are good men and women in TSA yet the behavior of a few – taints them all.

Having been in the Federal government for almost 20-years, I well know how long you can purposefully drag out an “investigation” – with the idea that the public and concerned parties will forget about it.

Candidly, if I were on the Board for the airport I would insist that a parallel yet independent investigation be undertaken immediately since the Louisville Airport’s brand and reputation is at stake here as well. The excuse that “these employees don’t work for us” rings hollow when no effort is made to quickly get the facts and do the analysis.

This incident – even if it is a fabrication – has impacted the brand of the Louisville Airport – and I and others can and will decide where w e take our business in the future based on how well or poorly this is handled.

Personally, I have gone out of my way to use this airport and I have not seen any rude behavior from anyone (I have seen than a WWII veteran, who for some strange reason had to be humiliated by being patted down amongst other senior citizens and children).

Senator Rand Paul – another story for your TSA book! And by the way, isn’t it time for the Federal government to insist on independent investigations of such alleged incidents – how can the fox guard the hen house as we say here in the South?

Ms Burke has agreed to keep me informed. We shall see.

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