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A Focused Management Team

Updated: May 23, 2022

“Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand," John Maxwell

At 72-years of age, I choose carefully these days with whom I will share my life energy.

My days of face-to-face client facilitations are limited intentionally.

I am moving toward a semi-retirement.

I am collaborating with my daughter to place our life work around the concepts of Collaborative Informed Consent® online in training, lectures, and engagements and with fewer face-to-face facilitation.

Therefore, when recently I had the honor and privilege of facilitating a session with Feeding America Kentucky Heartland and witnessing their focused management team's dedication and commitment to clearly stating its mission, I was gratified.

I engaged with a team that hammered out a mission statement everyone can readily grasp in straightforward language.

"Feeding America Kentucky's Heartland gathers and distributes food in 42-counties through local community partners."

That touches our hearts, inspiring us to lend a hand.

John Maxwell would be proud. I know I am.

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