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Dealing with Low Performers

The Low Performer – Using the D.E.S.K. Approach

Most managers and leaders for some reason believe that you should spend 90 plus percent of your time dealing with the “low performers” – your problem employees. I agree with Quit Studer, author of Results That Last on this point – don’t do it!

Actually if you follow the “support-coach-support” approach with the high and middle level performers, you will spend about 92% of your time with them and only 8% of your time with low performers, Studer says.

When dealing with the low-level performer and discussing their performance and behaviors Studer recommends using the D.E.S.K. approach. • Describe what behavior and performance has been observed in very clear terms. • Evaluate how you feel. • Show what needs to be done. • Know the consequences of continued low performance.

Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong

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