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Hiring and Keeping Good Employees

Most of us know that Donald Trump is good at firing people. If you have ever watched The Apprentice, I suspect that at times you have cringed. What might not be known is he also is well known for his ability to find and hire good employees that help build a high performance team. His employees work hard, become successful and are loyal. What more could we ask for?

Trump says that the best way to avoid employee problems, and who among us doesn’t want to avoid problems and prevent conflict, is to make all your employees feel like they are part of the team. If they feel as if they have a stake in the overall success of your organization, then employee problems can be avoided – they simply won’t happen because the employee has ownership.

In the real world, not the one on television, Trump is known for building great teams by ensuring that employees have commitment to one another and the team. Everyone he says benefits from such an environment. He uses rewards and helps them focus on accomplishments. He gets loyalty by being loyal.

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