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Let Clients Know You Will Make Them Self-Sufficient

The late great Howard Shenson was a mentor of mine and a great consultant who helped many of us develop and grow our businesses. He was always quick to point out that a truly good consultant worked diligently to ensure that their clients would become self-sufficient.

People are often reluctant to become your client or to refer business to you if they perceive that the engagement could be long-term and expensive. You can increase the potential to get their business by taking the time to communicate clearly and articulately to them that your operating philosophy is to train them to be self-sufficient.

Your clients, and your potential clients, need to know that the process you will engage with them is one that will help make them self-reliant and that will free from the the need to obtain desired results by continued involvement with outside consultants.

Dr. Darryl

L. Darryl Armstrong

ARMSTRONG and Associates

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