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“Making the Rounds” – Walk Around Management

Making ‘The Rounds” to Improve Team Performance 

It is the skill of the leader that makes the difference when developing teams and improving employee performance. One of the skill sets to be learned and practiced is what Quint Studer, Studer group ® calls “Rounding for Outcomes.” Actually we have all done “rounding” before, we may just have not understood the practice or Studer’s terminology.

Rounding also has been called, “walk around management” and it has been shown to accomplish multiple results when used appropriately.

“Rounding” is simply engaging our employees to better understand what their needs and issues are. This human engagement can increase employee retention, improve our organization’s operational efficiency and gets quicker action on performance issues. The leader is playing offense when he/she practices rounding instead of defense. By “making rounds” on a regular basis, we gather information in a timely manner, which leads us to handle them in a timely manner. Such behavior clearly tells our employees we are concerned about them, their performance and their role in the organization.

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