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Simply take the time to ask and discover to anticipate crisis

Anticipating crisis as it relates to management issues is really not that difficult.

One of the best strategies is to always have a free-flow of communications throughout the organization. Many of our clients report that simply stopping to visit with key managers and asking a discovery question such as: “Anything out there today, this week or emerging that could create an issue or problem for us that we need to get on top of?” can over time result in a good flow of emerging and developing issues.

Of course, don’t expect good intel overnight especially if you have done little walk around management in the past.

However, once trust and credibility is established through your behaviors intel can be acquired.

Human Intelligence (frequently abbreviated HUMINT) is intelligence gathered by means of interpersonal contact, as opposed to the more technical intelligence gathering disciplines and there is nothing more valuable. Note the term: interpersonal contact!

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