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The Lost Art of Listening

The other day at the airport I was sitting and reading a business article and enjoying my coffee.

A man, whom I had never met name sat down beside me. I acknowledged him non-verbally and then he started talking and talking and talking. He really didn’t stop talking for almost 10-minutes about a bad experience he had just that morning at breakfast and the terrible service he received. I listened intently.

Finally, as his business companion approached, he summed up his experience with my “listening” by saying, “You know you would make a good therapist. Thanks for listening.”

His name is George, He is a CEO of a major company in Atlanta. He gave me his card and I shared mine. I told him listening was no problem. I told him I have a great deal of practice. You see a good facilitator is a better listener.

As my grandfather always said, “God gave us two ears nd one mouth.” The next time your client or even a stranger needs to talk take the time to listen – it is a lost art.

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